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I’m kind of sad right now :) but it’s a good kind of sad ya know? annddd of course ya don’t. I embrace this emotion like it’s my soulmate and nourish it with sad music, cinematic and writings. Something about this negative feeling that distinctively sets me in a calm mood. Maybe because I’m an introvert in which I’d rather sit in a solitary space and listen to Adele or read all the Sherlock Holmes’ novels. Maybe I got lucky and found the ironic paradise in the midst of sadness that blanketed by the stereotypic assumptions THAT sadness is depression; sadness is bad, sadness is suicidal etc. Maybe I’m the only few that  indulge in the joy of sadness. Imagination and creativity can easily find its outlet through this specific gift of emotions, just like the death of Hamnet Shakespeare influenced his father’s famous works or the unfortunate story behind Bridge to Terabithia. hahaha! I’m not deeply drowning in the whirlpool of depression, I just think that most people don’t give enough love to their darkness emotion. Wouldn’t feel alive or human without that raw and vulnerable blessing.